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Services  for Attorneys and Business Professionals

Saving my clients time and money, while meeting deadlines, and maintaining the highest level of professionalism and accuracy.

Administrative Services

Billing, filing, office organization, courier service, coordination mailings, events planning, travel arrangements, record retention, file management, and more.

Process Services

Retrieving documents, delivering documents, filing court papers, maintain delivery records, locate individuals, collaborate with legal professionals, and more.

Paralegal Services

Pre-litigation, liens, trial preparation, legal research and presentations, drafting of legal documents, client interviews, review and organize client files, and more.


Why CLD Pro Services?

In this time of advanced remote communications and high tech resources, hiring a professional who can efficiently work remotely will save you an immense amount of time and money, while improving your practice through lower legal fees and increased contact with clients.

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I have extensive experience working remotely and saving attorneys and businees professionals time and money for their support services needs.  I make use of processes, forms and checklists to complete my work accurately and on time, and make sure all bases are covered.

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