Historic Queen Anne Blvd., Seattle, Washington

Published By: Lisa Conner
Published On: 20th April 2019
Categories: Seattle Blog

Day One Hundred Ten: Today I spent my walk in one of my favorite places in Seattle: Queen Anne. I’ve visited Kerry Park (awesome view of Seattle skyline) many times but never walked the historic Queen Anne Boulevard in that part of the neighborhood. I’ve driven past the amazing homes and lush landscaping but today I was super excited to get up close and personal with the flowers and homes. Also, I found Marshall Park/Betty Bowen Viewpoint and Parsons Park during the outing. I had no idea there was a tiny botanical garden down the street from Kerry Park. That’s what happens when I get out of my car and explore – I always discover something new and interesting. Everything was gorgeous in every direction. I went a little overboard with the photos as you can see.

If you’d like information on the history of Queen Anne neighborhood click here. The following paragraph is information I found online.

Queen Anne Hill is an affluent neighborhood and geographic feature in Seattle, northwest of downtown. The neighborhood sits on the highest named hill in the city, with a maximum elevation of 456 feet (139 m). It covers an area of 7.3 square kilometers (2.8 sq mi), and has a population of about 28,000. Queen Anne is bordered by Belltown to the south, Lake Union to the east, the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north and Interbay to the west. The hill became a popular spot for the city’s early economic and cultural elite to build their mansions, and the name derives from the architectural style typical of many of the early homes.

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